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  1. Gender inequality is well reflected in our society today and has
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Gender inequality in the workplace essay

If you really want to create an impressive and unbiased essay on gender inequality, you will score some good points if you look at the problems on both sides of the equation. It is not only women who are the suffering side, although they are the part overwhelmingly victimized by the media coverage.

Therefore you should speak about how gender disparity affects men, in particular, false accusation of harassment, sexual crimes, and discrimination ruin lives and careers. Other essential problems to focus on when writing gender inequality essay might be:.

Gender inequality is well reflected in our society today and has

The gap in the statistics reflecting the disparity between male and female wage earners, as well as women actively pursuing a career, has been somewhat bridged — but the balance is still very skewed in favour of men. This is probably because the society in which we live, and all that revolves around it overly affect our choices. In fact, the image of a woman who is totally economical from the social and economic viewpoint is quite new to the society.

The fact is that until recently, we were used to seeing women only as housewives, it was inconceivable to be able to think of a financially independent woman able to support her family. In modern society, there is also a clear division of responsibility between men and women within the family. Most men bear the responsibility of keeping their families economically, and often it is up to them to make the most important decisions, mainly in the financial field.

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On the other hand, in this type of family, women do household chores, cook, raise children, etc. The solution to this problem, to allow greater freedom for both, would be a more balanced division of responsibilities, and this would also benefit the family situation. In a gender inequality in the workplace essay, as well as in gender inequality in politics or in gender inequality in sports, it is a good idea to research sources that speak about traditional roles of women.

You will be easily able to prove that during the major portion of our civilization history, women were reduced to a certain role in the family.

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  5. In many countries today, the situation sadly remains unchanged. We suggest that you pay attention to projects like As Equals by CNN to dig for some hard evidence presented in numbers.

    Before you proceed with writing, think on the outline in which you will explain point by point the thesis you intend to demonstrate. In the specific case of gender equality, the outline can look a lot like this:. Thesis : here, you will explain that, despite the progress made, the full equality of rights between men and women is still very far. Also, include evidence to support your thesis with data on daily discrimination that women face. Antithesis : in this part, it refutes the thesis that equality between men and women is fully achieved at least in the West. As a motivation, you can cite the studies on the wage difference between men and women.

    Conclusion for gender inequality essay: here you can further strengthen the idea that gender equality is still far from being achieved by explaining what needs to be done to achieve it.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes equal social, economic, and educational rights for every individual on the planet regardless of their age. However, in many parts of the world, these principles are non-existed or violated. And if in Western civilization, these violations are hidden behind the decorum, in the Middle East, the problem of women who are denied their rights is global.

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    One of the earliest and pioneering studies was by Lincoln Chen, E. Huq and S. See S.

    Gender inequality

    See also the references to the literature cited by Osmani. On this see Osmani, "Poverty and Nutrition in South Asia" , and also the references cited there. See D. See also P.

    Gender Equality Essay for Students and Children | + Words Essay

    Gluckman, K. Godfrey, J. Harding, J. Owens, and J. UNDP's Human Development Report New York: United Nations, forthcoming: presents an inter-country investigation of gender differences in social, political and business leadership, in addition to reporting on gender inequality in terms of more conventional indicators. A recent study of local governmental decisions in India brings out the substantial nature of this change, as a consequence of women coming to occupy leadership positions in the "Panchayats" local administrative bodies ; see Raghabendra Chattopadhyay and Esther Duflo, "Women's Leadership and Policy Decisions: Evidence from a Nationwide Randomised Experiment in India," mimeographed, Department of Economics, MIT, Note, however, that the Chinese and Korean figures cover children between 0 and 4, whereas the Indian figures relate to children between 0 and 6.

    However, even with appropriate age adjustment, the general comparison of female-male ratios holds in much the same way.