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Stabilisation clauses in Petroleum Contracts in Ghana: A false sense of security. The origin and relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility on corporate business conduct. How does the United Kingdom differ constitutionally from Canada? Discuss and analyse the future of unfair terms in the UK and the fact that there is two provisions at present governing unfair term, and their future? Arbitration: the panacea to international construction contract disputes or litigation by another name — A critique of the benefits of arbitration as a means of resolving international construction contract disputes.

English Law would lose nothing if the doctrine of consideration were to be abolished because recognition of the doctrine is a mere Encumbrance.

Impossibility of performance of contract in English law analytic study and argument. Principles of English commercial Contracts, International commercial contracts-a comparative analysis. The fact that English law does not recognise the existence of a doctrine of good faith does not mean that good faith has no impact at all on English law. It does but only in the sense that it has an influence upon the formulation of the rules of contract law.

Write about frustration of contract in English law analyses study with prove it by court cases. Could the existing legislation provide an appropriate legal framework in order to reduce the levels of terrorism? Critically analysing the role of the defence of consent within English Criminal Law. Home Sweet Home: A discussion of the protection afforded to women and vulnerable adults against domestic abuse in the UK.

Should women involved in prostitution be treated as victims or offenders?

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The disbelief of silent victims and impunities of the silent crime of sexual assault on men. Whether people who cause fatality should be treated by the court like they have caused murder. How effective is the equal pay act and do any reforms need to be made to the current law? The consequences and effects of invoking the public interest disclosure act. Should unmarried fathers be entitled to the same parental responsibility as that which is given to married fathers and mothers?

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  5. S Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Regime. Confidentiality in mediation — is it a pretense or necessary element? How the law has been and might be used to limit the adverse effects of cartels in international trade: a critical and comparative study of the UK and US approaches. The effect of the decision in Carey on the enforceability of credit agreements. Enforcement and sanctions in relation to intellectual property on the internet.

    Browsing Law School (Theses and Dissertations) by Title

    The topic is legal protection of shapes under the Indian trademark act of and under the UK trademark act of A proposal on dispute settlement understanding DSU with especial focus on its effectiveness the WTO gives members the ability to put effective pressure on trade partners that includes a case study to show up features of the DSU. Holding the tiger by its tail: A case study of the effectiveness of the anti-dumping agreement in the wto legal order.

    Is it a good idea to have a Globalised Competition policy an International Competition policy from the perspective of developing countries?

    LLM in International Law and Sustainable Development field dissertation - Mallory Orme

    Is there any express substantive incorporation of any human right or any concept of human rights as such in the WTO covered agreements? Re-evaluation of the individual as subject or object of international law. The compatibility of the international human rights law with domestic courts in EU. The role and international legal regulation of private military and security companies.

    This dissertation is going to focus on the problem of Jurisdiction in ecommerce law. How can the law address this issue?


    What, if anything, are people prepared to pay for sustainable housing in Northern Ireland? To what extent does the security of tenure provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act restrict healthy competition? Analysis and evaluation of the legal and ethical dimension of passive euthanasia. You will need to review the legal limits of abortion, and briefly discuss the ethical issues raised by the relevant laws in this area. Discuss contibutory negligence in tort as found in French, Italian, German and English laws respectively.

    Dissertations & publications - Department of Law

    A history of UK counter terrorism legislation introduced before the attacks of September 11th , with an explanation of the controversy that surrounded the measures at the time. Briefly analyse the impact of the Human Rights Act on the operation of the doctrine of precedent.

    The ILO Convention on home work in one of the states that have ratified the convention. The negative effects of cartel on competition international trade and its remedies from legal prospective. This Collection. Now showing items of Sort by: title issue date submit date Order: ascending descending Results: 5 10 20 40 60 80 School of Law , Since the post-apartheid constitutional era connmenced almost two decades ago, there have been many progressive judicial decisions on fundamental rights in South Africa.

    By contrast over the same period, the longer-established In its efforts to elaborate an institutional theory of separation for the administrative state, this thesis employed a number of distinct methodologies. Its key methodological step was the development of evaluative criteria The research is conducted through a theoretical and The bribery offences are a much neglected area of law, both from an academic and from a practical perspective.

    Although the existing statutory offences can trace their origins to the dawn of the twentieth century, there The following structure is The curious question of further expanding legal provisions to deter against reckless conduct and excessive risk-taking, having regard to the financial sectors and indeed corporate governance generally, is undoubtedly one Are the existing mechanisms and instruments available to the institutions of the EU sufficient to achieve effective harmonisation of Member States' direct tax regimes?

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    School of Law. Discipline of Law , This thesis examines the various mechanisms and instruments available to the institutions of the EU with a view to determining whether they could enable the EU to achieve an effective harmonisation of the Member States' This is a study of the pre-trial process in Ireland, i. From the early years of the State up to the present, this element of the Irish criminal justice system has The research contained in this thesis was conducted by employing the conventional techniques of academic legal research, drawing on a variety of primary and secondary legal materials.

    The law governing the principal topics