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She was in such a hurry that she spilt the milk on the floor. Haste makes waste.

Good speech essay spm - Speech on Health is Wealth for Students

In hot water in serious trouble eg. The principal caught him red-handed vandalizing.

Now, he is in hot water. On the dot at exactly the right time eg. We are expected to be at there at 2. She has been on her high horse ever since she was admitted to the prestigious Salleh Professional Master in Education eg. That shirt is too expensive, so I have to cut may coat according to my cloth. Dream come true a wish has come true eg.

Having you as a friend is a dream come true. For a person dyed in the wool, it was difficult for him to change his ideas and values. Eat humble pie to be apologetic when proven wrong eg. Every nook and cranny everywhere eg. They searched every nook and cranny for the missing book but to no avail. Good jobs with bright chances for promotion are few and far between. Fish out of water someone who is uncomfortable with the surroundings eg.

Answer Sample of SPM Directed Writing (Speech)

I was like a fish out of water as I was not familiar with the place. From A to Z to know everything in detail eg. You should know the details of the topic from A to Z. Pride and joy. The table that he built on his own, is his pride and joy.

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Shake like a leaf. The boy who was caught stealing, was shaking like a leaf. He pretended to be generous but he showed his true colours when he refused to donate money to charity. See red. My mother saw red when she caught me coming home late at night. Thick and fast comes in great numbers and fast eg. Offers to help the tragedy-stricken family came thick and fast. Tom, Dick and Harry. We do not want ant Tom, Dick and Harry to enter the hall. Ways and means.

There are ways and means of making money through business deals.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder Do you agree? Give your opinion. Introduction A. What is the purpose of a student comes to school B. Make thesis statement disagree Body A. Student obtain formal education 1. Student need to have effective communication skill 1.

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  7. Good moral value 1. Students attend school to obtain knowledge as well as to develop other skills necessary for work and to prepare themselves to be individuals with good moral values. I think that besides good results, students need effective communication skills and good moral values in order to succeed in life. In school, students obtain formal education where teacher impart knowledge in the classrooms.

    The students learn various subjects namely languages, science, history, mathematics and arts to become holistic individuals who have good general knowledge. To find out how well the students have learnt, they take exam. Many students just study for sake of exams. As a result, there are many students who obtain strings of distinctions in exams but they are unable to speak during interviews. This is because many of them lack the maturity and ability to express opinions.

    Speech on Healthy Lifestyle

    They do not have enough general knowledge; hence their world view is limited and lacking. Therefore, these students have yet to obtain success in life. In my opinion, students need to have effective communication skills in order to succeed in life. Effective communication skills include proficient use of language as well as the ability to express and exchange ideas and opinions confidently. When the students have mastered this skill, they display their intelligence in the sharing of knowledge and maturity in giving their viewpoints in a systematic and logical way.

    Furthermore, students who can communicate effectively can interact using all the modern technological gadgets as well as face-to-face communication. Also, with effective communication skill, students can become global citizens through the use of the internet. They can broaden their perspective in their thinking when they exchange ideas with friends from all over the world. They learn humility, respect and tolerance with effective communication skills. Thus, these experiences enrich their lives and make them gain success. Salleh Professional Master in Education Last but not least, good moral values are necessary in order to succeed in life.

    The students must realize and be aware that certain moral values such as diligence, being responsible, disciplined and trustworthy can help them succeed in life. When students uphold these values, they will be known by teachers, peers and classmates for their positive attributes.

    Guidelines On Writing English Essays SPM

    This is important as they will be given more opportunities to be involved in various events and activities. From their participation, they gain invaluable experience that can help them become leaders at their future workplace. As a student, do you work as hard as Edison to achieve success in your studies, by getting excellent results in your examination? Do you know how to do it? Here are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure that you do very well in your exams. Firstly, it is important that you pay attention during class. This is to make sure that you understand whatever has been taught.

    If you talk with your friends or daydream when the teacher is teaching, you will miss valuable information. Do not depend on your friends to explain the part of the class that you have missed. This is because they themselves might not have understood it. Besides, you need to concentrate on the class to take down notes which will help you to study and revise for test or exams.

    Secondly, you must study throughout the year and not just before exams. A last-minute preparation will make you confused because you have so much to study in such a short time. This might lead to panic and eventually stress. To prevent this from happening to you, put in regular hours of private study throughout the year. Do not leave it until the eleventh hour. By then it will be too late.

    College essay writer hire

    Finally, you should prepare a timetable for revision. Salleh Professional Master in Education time will be allocated effectively. A timetable will ensure that you do not waste your precious time on activities that are not related to study. However, having a good plan will not benefit you, unless you stick to it. You have to work smart so as to get excellent results in your examination.

    To work smart means working hard and ensuring that there is a system in your study. If you follow the guidelines given above, you will definitely achieve success in your examination. Why do you think this is so? Malaysia is well known for a number of things like good food, beautiful beaches, tallest building, friendly Malaysians and not forgetting terrible traffic jams. Yes, traffic jams have become one of the aspects of Malaysian lifestyles. In fact, some of us even use traffic jams as our excuse when we are late in submission of assignments.

    Why are we putting up with these traffic jams? There are many reasons for this phenomenon of traffic jams in our lives. In this affluent society, owning a car is not impossible dream.