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What were these interim years like, from the application standpoint? FuturePM Between , I was focusing on putting myself in the very best position possible to apply to b-school. I knew I had an uphill battle with my GPA. The first thing I did once I decided on this path was to tell everyone at work about my goal and how I planned on getting there. I was very fortunate to have an extremely supportive company, so this allowed me to put my hat in the ring for big projects that would give me leadership experience.

It also set me up for a big promotion which I earned at the end of If an applicant is like me and thinking about business school in the future with a lot of time to plan, tell your boss and your peers about your goal if you believe that they will be supportive, if not just do your best to take on as many big projects as possible. I also spent 6 months of that time studying for the GMAT. I would wake up around am and study for a couple of hours before work then another hour when I got home.

Saturdays were dedicated to practice tests. It was a challenging process and took a lot of self-discipline. I was aiming to get the highest score possible and knew that it was crucial to my applications so I prioritized it. I missed all of football season which is a big deal in the southern US but it paid off so it was worth it.

Kellogg MBA Admissions Essays and Deadlines for | Veritas Prep

MBA Decoder: You applied to a wide range of b-schools. What was your selection process? FuturePM Choosing schools is pretty hard. It is difficult for applicants to pick out what is actually different among top programs. I wanted to stay within the top 25 because given my salary and the post-MBA salary of the top 25 vs other programs these were the only ones that had an ROI that was high enough to justify the program. MBA Decoder: You started very early. Tell us how that helped. I started with finding stories that I believed showcased my leadership skills and biggest accomplishments and digging into my background to solidify what exactly I wanted to accomplish and why I was motivated to pursue those goals.

These two things are the basis of most MBA essay questions. My editing process was to just write out everything and not worry about length at first. After that, I pared down the essays to the most important points to meet the word limit. My first Kellogg essay was over words, almost 4x the actual word limit! After those two, I was able to complete the other applications in about a week or two per school. This is the only reason why I was able to complete so many applications on time.

Starting as early as possible definitely helps. I highly recommend it. How did you address this? I addressed this by getting the best score possible on my GMAT and writing the optional essay. In my optional essay, I explained some personal reasons as to why my GPA was low. Mostly, as a first generation college student, I was not prepared for college, did not focus on studying particularly in my early years, due to both immaturity and a demanding work schedule.

I did not have family support for undergrad so I was working to support myself and pay for school. After taking responsibility for my shortcomings in college I also explained what I had done to prove myself since.

MBA Application Tips

MBA Decoder: You have got significant community leadership work experience. How did you decide the split between personal and professional stories in your essay writing? FuturePM My general rule was one community leadership story and one professional story. This worked well with my goals. My volunteer work is motivated by my upbringing and how cancer has affected my life through my father and now my sister.

These effects of cancer on my childhood and my life is my motivator for wanting to go into social impact. Stereo-typed as the school for marketing, Kellogg is in fact so much more.

Kellogg mba essays 2012

Energized by the arrival of Dean Sally Blount, the school looks for strong quant skills to underpin sharp analytical skills. Because they have humility, great analytical skills, and the people skills that mean they can be client facing from day one.

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Kellogg introduced a new required essay this year, replacing 2, below. Tell us about a time you have demonstrated leadership and created lasting value. What challenges did you face, and what did you learn?

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Values are what guide you in your life and work. What values are important to you and how have they influenced you? Additional Information: If needed, use this section to briefly describe any extenuating circumstances e.

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Kellogg recommends you block out minutes a few days after you submit your application and complete the video essay. This includes set-up time and answering the practice questions, though the official exercise takes only about 15 minutes.