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Essay on All Quiet on the Western Front

You look in your school books. But when they are at the front, their will to survive leads them to fight like animals. As a war novel, All Quiet is surprisingly still relevant more than eighty years and scores of wars after it was written. Few books have suggested the horror and chaos of warfare quite like this. But equally important is what happens when Paul returns home to his mother and home town for a few weeks of leave.

He suffers from what we would likely call post traumatic stress syndrome and he finds there is simply no way to bridge the gulf between those who have seen battle and those who have not. Everyone asks what the front is like, but he cannot describe it and they would never really understand. After a few days futilely struggling to retain any sense of his prior life, Paul is ready to return to the front and to his band of fellow soldiers who share this war with him.

Remarque stays close to the surface of his characters, never pushing into great psychological depths. The scenes at the front continually reminded me of the horrific series of etchings by Otto Dix from called Der Krieg The War. I see Kantorek and I am scarcely able to stifle my laughter.

All Quiet on the Western Front Essay

He is wearing a faded blue tunic. On the back and in the sleeves there are big dark patches.

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The tunic must have belonged to a giant. The black, worn breeches are just as much too short; they reach barely halfway down his calf. The boots, tough old clod-hoppers, with turned-up toes and laces at the side are much too big for him.

But as a compensation the cap is too small, a terrible, dirty, mean little pill-box. The whole rig-out is just pitiful. I read many more books than I write about here at Vertigo. You HAVE to read and annotate the text; however, you may follow along with the audiobook.

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Here's a YouTube playlist for the novel. Please note that chapter 3 is out of order.

A+ Student Essay

You will need to choose a minimum of two quotes per reading assignment that you find relevant to the themes of the book as a whole and be ready to discuss these quotes. Discuss the differences between the characters from the older generation and the characters from the younger generation. Describe the various attitudes toward the war. Include the soldiers, officers, and the civilians in your explanation. Describe the various types of fear and their symptoms. Explain why Paul and his friends believe that the war has ruined them for everything.

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Using several examples, discuss the role of friendship in the novel. In wartime, society seems to suspend the Ten Commandments for soldiers.

All Quiet on the Western Front Essay Example

Explain this idea and use examples from the novel to support your answers. Choose a work of literary merit that confronts the reader or audience with a scene or scenes of violence. In a well-organized essay, explain how the scene or scenes contribute to the meaning of the complete work. Avoid plot summary. OPTION 2: The most important themes in literature are sometimes developed in scenes in which a death or deaths take place.

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  5. Choose a novel or play and write a well-organized essay in which you show how a specific death scene helps to illuminate the meaning of the work as a whole. Avoid mere plot summary. Then write a well-organized essay in which you analyze how surroundings affect this character and illuminate the meaning of the work as a whole.